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Grounded for Love: A Reunion Romance Novella

After being burned by her college boyfriend, Graham, book editor Serena Johnson believes the only dependable men are the ones found between the pages of a book. Her life in San Francisco is thrown...

Rebecca Talley

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Point of view, or POV, can be tricky. POV can be defined as the character(s) through whose eyes readers experience the story.

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Writing for Childrentop comments

Many people make the mistake of thinking that writing for children is easier than writing for adults. That’s simply not true.

Christopher Maselli says:
Excellent article! I’d also add that someone who wants to write for... more
Lori says:
Rebecca- Great information! Thanks for all your help! more

You’ve taken classes, studied the best writing books, outlined your novel, taken a year to write it, and let others read and critique it. You’ve researched the market, picked a few publishers you feel will be the best fit for …

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Prejudice Meets Pride by Rachael Anderson

Tour Schedule Prejudice Meets Pride by Rachael Anderson After years of pinching pennies and struggling to get through art school, Emma Makie’s hard work finally pays off with the offer of a dream job. But when tragedy strikes, she has …


Tips for Writing a Novel

Writing a novel is not only arduous work, it’s very time consuming. But, if it’s your dream, don’t let anyone stand in your way. Here are some tips for writing that novel: 1. Make sure you are passionate about your …

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