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A Best Friend’s Sister for the Grumpy Cowboy

A Best Friend’s Sister for the Grumpy Cowboy

Dean Rolston thrives on his organized, single, Texas lifestyle. His long-time employee, DeeDee Diaz, is one of the few people who can get Dean’s attention. Unannounced feelings have been growing for years, but will the secrets of their pasts outweigh their future?

The no-nonsense hardworking, DeeDee Diaz, is the long-time employee that Dean Rolston could never do without.

She is effortlessly in charge of any situation that arises and keeps things running smoothly at the Double R cattle ranch.

Dean’s feelings for DeeDee have been growing over the years and he longs to do something about it.

But why hasn’t he?

Confessing his love to DeeDee now might make it appear that he is only doing so to claim his inheritance money. Leaving his family in turmoil.
DeeDee has been hiding feelings for her grumpy yet attentive boss. So, what’s holding her back?

A BIG secret…DeeDee is secretly married! The hardworking, problem solving DeeDee took it upon herself to solve a problem for a good friend years ago.

A marriage on paper that led to a green card.

Now DeeDee is stuck and needs a divorce from a man that still needs the marriage more than ever.

Coming clean to Dean could mean the future DeeDee dreams about will never happen.

Will DeeDee and Dean be freed from their past secrets? Or will the future they both secretly dream about also become a thing of the past?

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