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Matched with Her Fake Fiancé (Romance by Love, Austen Book 2)

Matched with Her Fake Fiancé 

Adulting is hard. So is finding a partner who’ll stick around.

Dani Higgins’s life has been nothing but one change after another over the last few months. From graduating college to a broken long-term relationship, and now, more struggling to keep her job of six days. When an attractive Boston bachelor asks her to be his fake girlfriend, she agrees. But as they spend time with each other, Dani’s feelings move from pretend to real.

Miles Clark is done being set up by his mother, and with his family’s event season on the horizon, he figures his best bet at side-stepping her is showing up with a girlfriend. When he meets cute Dani, he suggests a partnership that will be mutually beneficial for both of them—only after a few dates, his heart isn’t on the same page.

As their agreement comes to an end, will they risk their hearts and reveal their feelings?

Grab this second book in the Romance by Love, Austen series!

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