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Season of Angels: A Clean and Wholesome Romance

Season of Angels

A waitress hiding her true identity and the hunky police chief whose biggest Christmas wish is to make her troubles disappear…

Tiva Nez’s life has been a hot mess since the day she was born, so it’s just her luck to find herself posing as a single mom to protect the two people in the world she loves the most. No, Christmas is NOT the most wonderful time of the year. She would give anything to skip it.

Everyone knows Police Chief Adriel Montana is married to his job. He lives to serve his people on the reservation, including his favorite sassy waitress who refuses to officially date him despite privately paying him in kisses every time he rushes to her rescue — which is pretty often.

Can the hope and joy of the holidays bring the singlest, most unavailable couple in Heart Lake any closer to happily-ever-after?

Winds of Change
Song of Nightingales
Perils of Starlight
Return of Miracles
Thousands of Gifts
Race of Champions
Storm of Secrets
Season of Angels
Clash of Hearts
Mountain of Fire
Night of Mercy
Echoes of Home

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Adding Christmas 

An advertising exec who refuses to mix business with pleasure, a self-proclaimed bachelor who reluctantly takes over the family business, and the advertising campaign that throws them together.

For advertising executive Chloe Henderson, Christmas is a stark reminder of heartache and loss, so she avoids it every year and focuses all her energy on her career. With the promise of a promotion, Chloe is more determined than ever to work her way up the ladder.

Mitch Powell thought he had it all until his fiancée walked out. Since then, he’s embraced his bachelor lifestyle and lived it up. When his father asks him to take over the family business, he reluctantly agrees, as long as he can make some changes. First up: a new advertising campaign.

Chloe meets Mitch, a lover of all things Christmas, when she’s assigned his account. The attraction is strong and immediate, but she refuses to mix business with pleasure and put her job in jeopardy. Can she set aside her personal feelings and come up with a winning campaign to earn her well-deserved promotion, or will she risk it all for a chance at love?

Fall in love with this sweet Christmas romance sure to warm your heart any time of the year.

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Masquerade at The Kingsbury

Samantha Holderman is a struggling culinary student who works in the kitchen of The Kingsbury Hotel in San Francisco. She dreams of opening her own restaurant someday. On the weekends, she lovingly visits her callous stepmother who suffered an aneurysm and now lives in a care facility.

When Sam’s roommate, Jessi, is given tickets to an annual fundraising masquerade ball at The Kingsbury, she convinces Sam to come along. Decked out in borrowed costume gowns and elaborate masks, they step inside the world of the wealthy for the evening.

Eli Kingsbury, heir to the hotel empire, went AWOL after his beloved grandmother passed. Eli returns to assume his duties as CEO following his father’s unexpected death and to appease his overbearing mother, but he yearns to be a novelist.

During the gala, Sam dances with a masked man who captivates her, especially when he whisks her off to a secret garden. At the end of the ball, when identities are revealed, Sam is stunned to learn her dance partner has been Eli Kingsbury. In a panic, she runs off, leaving only her bracelet behind.

Sam returns to work only to discover she’s been assigned as Eli’s personal chef. Will she be able to keep her identity a secret? Will Eli find the woman he desperately seeks? Or will he discover she’s right in front of him?

Based on Cinderella, Masquerade at The Kingsbury is a heartwarming romance full of tender moments and heart-fluttering kisses while exploring the themes of forgiveness, courage, and trust.

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