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Masquerade at The Kingsbury on Vella

I’m so excited to announce that I’m trying a new venue for my writing. I’ll be posting episodes/chapters of my new romance, Masquerade at The Kingsbury, on Kindle Vella. It’s a new platform where authors post chapters of their books on a regular schedule and readers have access to each chapter as it uploads. It allows interactions between authors and readers as readers ask questions and post comments and “thumbs up” for individual chapters. I think it’ll be fun.

The first three chapters are free, but additional chapters must be unlocked using tokens. Readers can purchase tokens through Amazon to unlock the chapters.

I’m excited to share my new story this way and hope you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s the back cover copy:

Samantha Holderman is a struggling culinary student who works in the kitchen of The Kingsbury Hotel in San Francisco. She dreams of opening her own restaurant someday. On the weekends, she lovingly visits her callous stepmother who suffered an aneurysm and now lives in a care facility.

When Sam’s roommate, Jessi, is given tickets to an annual fundraising masquerade ball at The Kingsbury, she convinces Sam to come along. Decked out in borrowed costume gowns and elaborate masks, they step inside the world of the wealthy for the evening.

Eli Kingsbury, heir to the hotel empire, went AWOL after his beloved grandmother passed. Eli returns to assume his duties as CEO following his father’s unexpected death and to appease his overbearing mother, but he yearns to be a novelist.

During the gala, Sam dances with a masked man who captivates her, especially when he whisks her off to a secret garden. At the end of the ball, when identities are revealed, Sam is stunned to learn her dance partner has been Eli Kingsbury. In a panic, she runs off, leaving only her bracelet behind.

Sam returns to work only to discover she’s been assigned as Eli’s personal chef. Will she be able to keep her identity a secret? Will Eli find the woman he desperately seeks? Or will he discover she’s right in front of him?

Based on Cinderella, Masquerade at The Kingsbury is a heartwarming romance full of tender moments and heart-fluttering kisses while exploring the themes of forgiveness, courage, and trust. 

You can begin reading it here.

I hope you love it!

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