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The Shy Girl and The Football Star

The Shy Girl and The Football Star

He’s so out of my league and he’s my best friend. Why was Tuck the guy I had to fall for?

Moving back to Woodlands is harder than I could have ever imagined. Everything has changed. My sister is dating the boy I’ve always crushed on, my girlfriends have joined ranks with the mean girls, but my saving grace is and always will be my best friend Tuck.

However when Tuck becomes Woodland High’s newest football sensation he enters the popularity zone and although he tries to bring me along with him, it isn’t where I, the chubby girl, belongs and the whole school is sure to let me know.

When the rumors become too much, I do the only thing I can – push Tuck away.

Big mistake. Especially when I finally realize that what I feel for Tuck is way more than friendship.

But do I have what it takes to get him back?

A story of friendship, family, tragedy, and most of all romance.
* This is a new release of an edition originally published as Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? Lacey’s Story of the Skinniness is Next to Goddessness? series. The Shy Girl and the Football Star is a new edition with bonus additional content and a new cover.

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woman in wedding dress wearing cowboy boots

Journey to Juniper Springs (Book 2 Juniper Springs Romance)

Can a long-distance relationship last between an ambitious city girl and the small-town cowboy helping his widowed mother?

Shanna Lyndley has the career she wants in Denver, a new car, and a beautiful condo. Life seems to be perfect—except her relationship with the man she loves is strained because they can’t seem to find enough time together. Shanna struggles to balance her demanding job with her personal life and it’s taking a toll. When a business trip to Vail ends in disaster, Shanna’s career takes an unexpected turn.

Cole Davis is back in Juniper Springs setting up his law office and helping his widowed mother with the family businesses, including running the cattle ranch. He loves Shanna but has become increasingly frustrated with her work schedule constantly interrupting their plans. He worries that they aren’t meant to be together after all, especially when a startling visitor from his past shakes things up.

Can Shanna and Cole overcome obstacles in their path to a forever love, or will the hurdles prove too great for their relationship to endure?

Journey to Juniper Springs is a heartwarming, opposites attract swoon-worthy romance that will make you believe in the power of love. With its charming small-town setting and unforgettable characters, this clean and wholesome romance is sure to capture your heart and leave you rooting for Shanna and Cole until the very end.

Journey to Juniper Springs is Book 2 in the Juniper Springs Romance series.

Book 1: Road to Romance

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