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Love Like a Christmas Star

Love Like a Christmas Star

One may be the loneliest number, but for Simon Steele it’s the safest.

Estranged from his brother, shunted from foster home to foster home as a teen, Simon has learned he’s better off on his own. A skilled property flipper, Simon moves through life without attachments — in charge of his life and in charge of his heart, just the way he likes it. But when a mystery woman saves his life, he suddenly finds himself joined to her in a debt of gratitude.

Walking out on her ex-boyfriend mid-date left Caitlin Severn stranded. So when the faintly familiar man offers her a ride on his motorbike something about his assured smile and flirtatious manner soothes the brokenness she just experienced. But he’s definitely not the man for her.

Until he is.

It’s not when the motorcycle flips. It’s not even when he’s in a bed on Caitlin’s nursing ward. It’s when she finds herself attracted to him in a way she never was with her ex. Feeling as if he wants her as much as she wants him.

Simon has never felt more alone, but Caitlin fills the empty places in his life. Makes him want to open himself to her.

Now Christmas is coming and Caitlin’s only wish is for Simon to find his way home…and maybe to her heart.

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Adding Christmas

An advertising exec who refuses to mix business with pleasure, a self-proclaimed bachelor who reluctantly takes over the family business, and the advertising campaign that throws them together.

For advertising executive Chloe Henderson, Christmas is a stark reminder of heartache and loss, so she avoids it every year and focuses all her energy on her career. With the promise of a promotion, Chloe is more determined than ever to work her way up the ladder.

Mitch Powell thought he had it all until his fiancée walked out. Since then, he’s embraced his bachelor lifestyle and lived it up. When his father asks him to take over the family business, he reluctantly agrees, as long as he can make some changes. First up: a new advertising campaign.

Chloe meets Mitch, a lover of all things Christmas, when she’s assigned his account. The attraction is strong and immediate, but she refuses to mix business with pleasure and put her job in jeopardy. Can she set aside her personal feelings and come up with a winning campaign to earn her well-deserved promotion, or will she risk it all for a chance at love?

Fall in love with this sweet Christmas romance sure to warm your heart any time of the year.

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