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Forgotten First Kiss by Jennifer Griffith

Forgotten First Kiss

He can’t forget her, but she’s completely forgotten him. And everything else.

Real estate mogul and Army Reserve officer Jeremy Hotston has finally achieved success. So much so, he’s ready to go back to his hometown and see whether Danica Denton, the girl who hates him most in all the world, will give him another chance.

After all, the restraining order should have expired by now, right? And no one could actually prove he intentionally vandalized her sister’s wedding. If she could finally see him for who he’s become, and not for the way he used to be, she might fall for him.

Or she might push him into the Wilder River.

Lucky for him, an accident has made her completely forget his mistakes. Jeremy has to choose: will he try to woo Danica while she can’t remember the Old Jeremy? Or would that be wrong?

Forgotten First Kiss is another small town romance in USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Griffith’s First Kiss series. Fluffy romances are her specialty, and Jennifer writes light, sweet escapist fiction she calls Cotton Candy for the Soul.

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