Best Friends in the Show Me State

Best Friends in the Show Me State

Marlowe Glass and Clark Hudson grew up together, side-by-side, neighbors and best friends in the same small town. Now, both single parents, they are each other’s main support. They carpool together, kid sit for one another, and share pretty much everything except a home. And even though they are very different, they balance one another out perfectly. They are truly best friends.

So, when a horrible storm destroys Marlowe’s house, she doesn’t hesitate to accept Clark’s offer to stay at his farm until she and her daughter can find permanent housing.

While bad weather may have taken out Marlowe’s home, a manipulative ex-wife is trying to take full custody of Clark’s son. And when Marlowe and Clark’s bond turns into an undeniable attraction, Clark fears giving into it may threaten their friendship and his son’s position in his life.

Neither Marlowe nor Clark can imagine a life without the other, but are they willing to risk it all to show one another what a romance between two best friends can truly become?

Best Friends in the Show Me State is the wholesome first book in the Cowboy Crossing Western Sweet Romance series. If you like Christian-themed stories, delightful discoveries, and true devotion, then you’ll adore Jessie Gussman’s clean courtship. Buy Best Friends in the Show Me State for pure romance that’s full of faith and loads of small-town fun!

Reviews for Best Friends in the Show Me State:

★★★★★ “Jessie has done it again with loveable characters, a wonderful town and warm love story!” – Midwest girl

★★★★★ “I appreciate how the role of wife and mother was extolled in this book in a day when that traditional role has been mocked.” – nanc

★★★★★ “The plot and characters pulled me in right away. I appreciated several messages the author wrapped throughout the different scenarios. Enjoy this story as Marlowe and Clark discover that their friendship provides a strong foundation for a special relationship.” – A. Violine

★★★★★ “Jessie Gussman gets more mileage out of the first real kiss in this story than I’ve seen in any other romance stories I’ve read including some that were not so clean. WOW!” – Jim

★★★★★ “One of my favorite bits though is when Marlowe has to make a decision about her future. Both things she wants are good things, but she is counseled to choose the path God wants her to be on. I love that it’s pointed out that distractions aren’t always bad things. I’m a firm believer that sometimes our choices aren’t between good and bad, but between good, better and best!” – Lisa


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  6. A Second Chance in the Show Me State
  7. A Mistletoe Mishap in the Show Me State
  8. His Best Friend’s Sister in the Show Me State
  9. The Cowboy Finds Love in the Show Me State –

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and and woman embracing

Road to Romance : A Clean and Wholesome Cowboy Romance

A stranded city girl, a disenchanted country boy, and the road trip that brings them together.

Shanna Lyndley is an ambitious public relations manager focused on productivity who doesn’t have time for anything, especially love. Though she has a possible career-changing presentation coming up, she embarks on a road trip to attend the celebration of her parents’ thirtieth wedding anniversary.

Cole Davis is a cowboy-turned-attorney who’s soured on relationships because his last two girlfriends cheated on him. With no interest whatsoever in dating, Cole has returned home to help his recently widowed mother with the Juniper Springs Inn, Davis Garage, and the family cattle ranch.

When Shanna’s car breaks down en route to the anniversary celebration, Cole, who is subbing for the driver on-call, comes to tow it. As soon as they meet, sparks fly, and neither can deny the attraction.

But will it lead to something more or will any chance be dashed when Shanna’s ex shows up?

Road to Romance is the first book in the Juniper Springs Romance series. It’s a heartwarming “opposites attract” story set in the charming small town of Juniper Springs, Colorado.

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