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Welcome To My Writing World

You found my blog! *Happy dancing* I hope you glean helpful information here. I blog about writing fiction. I’ve been writing stories professionally since 2003 when my first book was published. Since then, I’ve learned so much and I want to share all the things with you. You can search in the sidebar for any number of topics, including writing a book, writing a novel, books, characters, writing for children, and publishing.

I’m going to start blogging about life as a writer, including lifestyle topics. Just search for the tag Lifestyle to see those.

If you’re interested in my Writing Tips Newsletter you can sign up and receive a FREE course: Become an Idea Factory. I also offer a course on what to include in your first chapter. It’s awesome and I think you’d LOVE it. And, right now, I’ve discounted it.

If you’ve come to find our more about my books (woo hoo!), you can join my Reader News and receive a complimentary novella Best Kind of Love.

I write to live and live to write! Welcome to my writing world :).

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